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自主學習: 台灣教師在香港大學進行交流


The project aims to 1) build up a network of school community to enhance the capability of core schools to share and disseminate their school-based experience, curriculum and theoretical framework on self-regulated learning in Chinese language; 2) further develop the school-based curriculum on self-regulated learning in Chinese language with our collaborating schools; 3) enhance teachers’ capabilities to develop strategies to foster students’ self-regulated learning; and 4) develop an exemplar of school-based curriculum and implementation guidelines for our collaborating school teachers.

This five-year thematic series had successfully completed in August 2016. During the five-year project period, the Centre was as an education hub in developing students’ independent learning in Chinese Language education through conducting related research with over 110 collaborating schools (39 secondary schools and 74 primary schools) in Hong Kong from 2011 to 2016.

The QEF Thematic Network was initiated in 2006 to disseminate good practices derived from QEF projects and promote professional sharing through networking different schools and educational bodies

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