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Ki, W. W., Tse, S. K., Shum, M. S. K., & Lam, H. C. (2003). The introduction of a computerized network to support educational change in Hong Kong. Education and Information Technologies, 8, 147-164.

教學語言, IT學中文


The Introduction of a Computerised Network to Support Educational Change in Hong Kong


Education and Information Technologies




Vol. 8


Wing Wah KI, Shek Kam TSE, Mark Shiu Kee SHUM, Ho Cheong LAM


In 1998, there was a major shift in the medium of instruction in Hong Kong secondary schools from English to Chinese. This change had many educational advantages. However, its implementation was not without problems, and many of the problems were non-trivial. This article reports the work of a computer network, specifically established to support the educational change and discuss about the strategy to provide effective support to educational changes through computer networking, including issues on service positions, content provision and the development of network culture interaction.


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