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Tse, S. K., Lam, J. W. I., Lam, Y. R., Loh, E. K. Y.& Westwood, P. (2007). Pedagogical correlates of reading achievement in English and Chinese. L1-Educational Studies in Language and Literature, 7(2), 71-91.

教法, 閱讀


Pedagogical correlates of reading achievement in English and Chinese


L1-Educational Studies in Language and Literature




Vol. 7
Issue 2


Shek Kam TSE, Joseph Wai Ip LAM, Raymond Y H LAM, Elizabeth Ka Yee LOH, P WESTWOOD


This study conducted in Hong Kong used multiple regression procedures to investigate the relationship between primary school children’s reading test scores and the frequency with which forty-two instructional practices were used by their literacy teachers. Analyses were conducted separately for reading in English language and in Chinese (Modern Standard Written Chinese). Subjects comprised 4,329 Cantonese-speaking students (2,157 girls; 2,172 boys) aged approximately 9+ years, and their 256 teachers (129 teachers of English; 127 teachers of Chinese). Results suggest that no single instructional practice was highly correlated with students’ reading achievement in English or Chinese, and in fact some practices demonstrated a negative association. However, certain practices, particularly related to the use and nature of resource materials and to assessment strategies, did demonstrate a positive association with reading performance. Similarities and differences between Chinese and English data are discussed.


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