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Cheung, W.M., Tse, S. K., Tsang, W.H.H. (2001). Development and validation of the Chinese creative writing scale for primary school students in Hong Kong. Journal of Creative Behavior, 35(4), 249-260.

寫作, 評估


Development and Validation of the Chinese Creative Writing Scale for Primary School Students in Hong Kong


Journal of Creative Behavior




Vol. 35
Issue 4


Wai Ming CHEUNG, Shek Kam TSE, Hector Wing Hong TSANG


The 13‐item Chinese Creative Writing Scale was expanded and modified from the Carlson Originality Scale to assess creativity elements in compositions of primary school students in Hong Kong. The content validity was endorsed by a small expert panel. Results show that the scale has excellent interrater reliability (.90 to .98), and moderate to good internal consistency. Exploratory factor analysis shows that the three factors (flexibility, originality, and fluency) accounted for 59.1% of the variability, which is consistent with the design of the scale. The scale can also be used as an outcome measure for assessing the effectiveness of strategies which aim at enhancing creativity of students. With minor modifications, the scale can also be applied in mainland China, Taiwan, and Chinese societies elsewhere in the world.


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